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North Lakes Legal focuses on bridging traditional asset finance experience with evolving 
decentralized finance 


Christian Petersen


Christian Petersen, principal at North Lakes Legal, brings 25 years years of international finance and transactional experience to the decentralized finance space.

In support of MakerDAO, Christian structured and executed several of the most high profile financings of real world assets utilizing decentralized finance.

BlockTower Credit, a 150 million DAI facility utilizing the Centrifuge "Tinlake" protocol

Huntingdon Valley Bank, a $100 million loan participation structure with funding provided by MakerDAO

Societe General Forge, a 30 million DAI vault collateralized by tokenized French covered bonds (OFH token)

Centrifuge, development of Indenture Trust Structure for use with MakerDAO

Monetalis, a 500 million DAI facility to acquire iShares US$ Treasury Bond 0-1 yr ETF and the iShares US$ Treasury Bond 1-3 yr ETF

His wide-ranging geographic and transactional experience provides a diverse wealth of knowledge and know-how to support the adoption of real world assets in the decentralized finance space.



Co-authored - Real World Finance: Decision-Making and Delegated Committee Proposal at

Co-authored -
Methodology for Review of MIP6 Structured Finance Transactions at 

Co-authored -
RWF Collateral Risk Level at

Authored - MIP6c-3-SP1: (RWA Only)
Supplement to Collateral Onboarding Application at

Authored -
Real World Assets Legal Structures - A Comparison at

Contributor - Centrifuge Update: Cornerstone Agreement Complete to Onboard RWAs to Maker with Centrifuge at

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